My workplace in Silicon valley provides meals Forkable. Will try to keep track of the things I ate here for future reference.


Florentine crepe 😐
Tuscany crepe 😐
Milano crepe 😐

I like most of the Crepevine options. They hold up surprisingly well coming from delivery except most times the cheese has congealed.

Cuban Kitchen

Cubano sandwich 🙂

Good but salty.

Dish n Dash

Lamb Wrap 🙂 

Always reliable. Lamb can get stringy. Check for gyros/chicken next time.

Fambrini’s Cafe

Cajun Chicken Sandwich 🙂

I added bacon & avocado decent sandwich

Italian Po’ Boy 🙂

(Jalapeños added) Good stuff. A little salty but the cheese melt and the salami overall bueno.

Fast Tony’s Kitchen

3 piece baked chicken meal. 🙂

Chicken has a modest spicy kick. Overall pretty good perhaps a little too much food. I didn’t like the side of beans.

Chicken sandwich 🙂

Good sandwich. It’s the deep fried variety so I can’t eat this all the time. They use very soft buns (kind of like King’s Hawaiian buns) so the buns tend to get soggy partially due to the fact that they put the sandwiches wrapped in the foil-wax paper pouches that lock in moisture. The sweet pickle slices are frickin’ delicious.

Grilled Chicken salad with Dr. Pepper salad dressing 🙂

The chicken is still tasty on top of a salad. The Dr. Pepper dressing was interesting — a vinaigrette slightly spicy and now that I think about it did not taste a whole lot like Dr. Pepper. On my salad I think it was probably one boneless chicken thigh that they chopped into about 6-7 pieces. I would have liked to have 30% more chicken on top.

Mission City Cafe

Ruben sandwich 😐

Strictly OK. I don’t need to order it again. They include a cookie with the meal but the cookies aren’t great.

Rangoon Ruby

Ruby shrimp 😐

It’s decent but sometimes they put in too much onion. Usually tasty.

Burmese chicken salad 😕

This dish has cilantro which I hate and the chicken is typically overcooked and chewy tough.

Basil chili beef 😕

Usually tastes OK but dish is mostly sliced onion and a little bit of beef.

Mango swai/mango chicken 😐

Is OK. Usually there are better options.

Nan gyi dok 😐

Just standard. Better options from other sources.

Srasa kitchen

Build your own meatball bowl 😐

One of my go-to meals even though it is not fantastic. It’s a mish-mash of Asian-y food. I like to have it with curry.

Seoul Bowl with grilled beef short-rib 😐

The meat is tough by the time it gets to the office. Soy-ginger vinaigrette not as good as curry.

Tender Greens

Backyard steak plate 😐

Meat is tough by the time it gets to work. Not much seasoning.

Venga Empanadas

Argentine Beef Empanada 🙂

Gaucho Chicken Empanada 🙂

Caprese Tomato salad (side) 🙂


Vermicelli bowl with pork 🙂

Good stuff! This is about as good as typical Vietnamese restaurant near my house.

Walia Ethiopian

Vegetable platter 

one of my current favorite dishes across the Forkable universe. The brown lentil stuff has some spicy heat and I like injera, the bubbly Ethiopian bread.