My Anova sous vide stick has become a vital part of my kitchen, only behind my 3 Quart Instant Pot and my generic Air Fryer because vacuum-sealing food takes a little bit of time and all that single-use plastic isn’t great for the environment. Now that I think about it I absolutely need to look into getting a set reusable sous vide bags. Nevertheless I use my sous vide a lot and here are my picks for family-friendly items from yet another fine Serious Eats listicle.

  • Sous vide pork tenderloin – I’ve made this dish at home and I think it’s great.
  • Sous vide carnitas for tacos – 16 to 36 hours in the sous vide is a little long for me. The longest I’ve had the machine going is about 10 hours. One of these days I’ll push it to overnight territory.
  • sous vide pork chops – another pork dish that I’ve tried at home. It works really well. We prefer our pork more well-done than medium so I crank the heat to the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Sous vide pork belly buns – pork bao sandwiches The Chairman food trucks in San Francisco are among my all-time favorite food truck foods in the Bay Area. They are a perfect balance of sugar, salt and fat. If I could replicate those at home using this recipe I surely will gain 30 pounds.

Whether you’re making crisp, flavorful carnitas, glazed ham, or juicy pork chops, sous vide is the perfect cooking method. Read More